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It's been a big year for Artbox. For our 3rd anniversary we made a print catalogue of all our commissioned artists to date, and in November we put on a group exhibition at Little Deer Tracks Cafe, in Coburg, Melbourne.

We've made some big changes this year, and we've got some exciting things planned for next year, so stay tuned! 

But for now have a look back at our artists and the works they made for our art club members this year:

Adam Boyd
'The Nose'
Wendy Busch
Paula Reeve
'One Woman Coolamon'
Daniel Sibley
Elly Chatfield
'Deer Skull'
Joel Gailer
Ingmar Apinis
'Flower Children Circle the Network'
Chelsea Arnott
'Ya Coulda Been the Love of Me Life'
Masato Takasaka
'Untitled (Study for Garage Days Revisited 1994/ materials portrait (Yes you Kan(t) after Duchamp!...(M.T after M.T - Conical Redux)) part two)'

Thank you to the artists for making beautiful, inspiring works each month, and thank you to the collectors for making it possible.