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About Us

Artbox is an artist-led initiative with a singular vision: to support artists to make their best work. Artists take on a lot of risk and, on average, get very little reward. Why? Artists make their art at their own expense with no support, investment or pathways to a professional career. The fact that some of them make it is a miracle. Most don't - and many of those that don't are more talented than the ones that do!

This has to change. How? Artbox supports artists to make work by taking the financial risk out of the system.

We do this via three main pathways:

  1. Facilitating public art commissions, placemaking and activations with Art Consultancy Services.
  2. Collective action, including representation on leading platform Artsy and at top Art Fairs.
  3. Art Club, a subscription service commissioning artists every month.

That's how and why we are improving the art market. Will you join us?

Director and Co-Founder
Alex Gibson

Alex has a Master of Fine Art (Research) from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. He has taught in many top Art Schools and has been a professional contemporary digital artist since 2008, with solo exhibitions across Australia, China, Japan and Greece.

While at Art School Alex learned to program computers, build businesses and design products that customers love. This skillset led him to work as a Digital Producer and Product Manager in Beijing, San Francisco and Melbourne in a range of technology companies.

This combination of experiences gave Alex a granular insight into how dysfunctional the art market is, but also how to make it better. That's why he created Artbox - to level the playing field and put artists first.

Producer and Co-Founder
Leo Gester

Leo is an award-winning Arts Producer who has spent over a decade delivering sometimes weird but always wonderful projects right across the arts spectrum - from contemporary performance to community arts, as well as working on major events and festivals in Australia and overseas. He has worked for local governments, art institutions and independent bodies, but he grew up in art studios and galleries. He knows that great art isn't always beautiful in the making, but the destination is usually worth the bumpy road.

Leo has won, managed or delivered over 70 public art commissions, and his bottom-up experience of diverse cultural projects grant him a unique set of skills to support artists and creative projects.

Curator and Co-Founder
Joel Gailer

Joel is a PhD in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He too faced the problem we are solving. He is a Master Printmaker, Experimental Performance Artist, Publican and an amazing surfer.

He runs Performprint, Cozens Street Studios and Red Betty Art Bar and has been a Professional Artist and Art School Lecturer for over 20 years. Joel is the Art Club Curator. His incredible network of Rising Star Artists allows us to commission artworks of the highest quality.

Artbox Network
This could be you...

We routinely collaborate with artists, creatives and even some ancillary professionals you wouldn't immediately think of dealing with on an arts project.

Ever engaged a hygienist, a façade engineer or a blacksmith? We have. But on a more regular basis, we collaborate and consult with our ever-growing network of painters, sculptors, industrial designers, architects, programmers, lighting designers, conceptual artists, and more.
We're Artbox. We Support Artists.

Alex, Joel and Leo love to collect and share art by the best artists.

They want to help Art Club Members develop a valuable collection.

And they want to help Artists make a living.

Join the Club.

Join Art Club

Art Club

1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A4

$40 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A2

$147 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed & NFT
Size: approx. A4 to A1

$400 per month