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Introducing our November Artist: Masato Takasaka

Masato Takasaka’s installations fold in on themselves both physically and conceptually; like a collage of time and space. Constantly rearranging, reworking, and combining parts and photographic documentation of his previous work with found materials, his architectural installations are like mini-cities built from an aggregate of past work, destined to be recycled as building materials for future work. A seemingly chaotic assemblage of pre-existing visual material and objects, they are always already made.



With each subsequent iteration, Masato’s visual lexicon both expands and compresses. Drawing from a library of visual and sculptural elements that is constantly growing, there is a potentially limitless number of combinations and arrangements to be produced. At the same time, each new installation is a distillation of all the preceding ones. Layer upon layer of drawings and photographs simultaneously amplifies and obscures the original material.