Stelarc, commissioned artist

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Art Services

Commissions, Grant Management, Artist Engagement, Activation and Placemaking.

Additive Lighting, Neon Playground (Melbourne Zoo) 2019

Artist Collective

The Artbox Collective presents cutting edge experimental artworks. Independent, alternative and progressive, Artbox is run by artists for artists. Selected artworks offer a diverse view of art practices today, from hand-painted landscapes to performance art.

Damian Vick, The Moment, 2019

Upcoming commission by Artist Mikaela Stafford

Get this month's limited edition artwork from artist Mikaela Stafford for $40.

Mikaela is an artist exploring themes of duplexity, abundance and joy aiming to depict the opportunities and challenges of a cyber-physical future. Integrating traditional methods of photography, sculpture and lighting design into her digitally rendered 3D animation and installation practice she creates vibrant and playful work.

Her soon to be released artwork is only available to Art Club members.

Empower Artists

  • Artists create amazing artworks in the hope they will sell one day. This unpaid struggle goes on for years with self doubt and poverty but got much worse when the pandemic hit the art world.
  • Talented artists fall through gaps of the art system. Artbox Art Club members empower independent artists with paid art commissions. Artbox is a viable way for independent artists to create their artwork without financial risk. It fills a gap in the art system.

Additive Lighting, The Brain, Monash Brain Park, 2018

Phillip Doggett-Williams, No climate for change, 2011

Artwork is work
We give artists a guaranteed budget, and take the financial risk out of making art. We commission the artwork before our artists start any work, supporting them with guaranteed sales, promotion and a community of Art Angels.


Art is a spiritual, cultural, emotional, and also a financial investment. Artbox delivers limited edition and original artworks of Australia’s best artists, without the high gallery prices.

Joel Gailer, Digital performance 13a, 2018-19

Stelarc Commission being hand printed in 2020

We are so confident of the quality of the work, that Artbox offer a 30-day money back guarantee to any new subscriber. And these are just a few of the perks Art Angels receive.

Art Club

1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A4

$40 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A2

$147 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed & NFT
Size: approx. A4 to A1

$400 per month