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How does Artbox Art CLUB work?

  • Collect art every month

    Artbox: Your monthly dose of curated, signature pieces from Australia's best talents.

  • Free Shipping & Returns

    Monthly art surprises at your doorstep. An evolving taste in gifts. Collect slowly, savour fully.

  • For only $40 per month

    Group power on a budget. Together, we fuel artists. Dive deep, discover more.

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How does the Art Club work?

It’s simple. Just join the club. We’ll send you a signed, limited edition artwork, artist letter and resume every month. Shipped monthly, right to your door.

Are there any fees to join?

Nope. No fees. You only pay for what we ship you, and shipping is also free!

What if I don't want an artwork every month?

No problem. Once you join the Club, you can change your delivery frequency to every other month. You can skip a month anytime you want or pause deliveries for up to three months.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime, for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you’ll stay, but we don’t make it hard to leave.