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Masato Takasaka

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"Untitled (Study for Garage Days Revisited 1994/ materials portrait (Yes you Kan(t) after Duchamp!...(M.T after M.T - Conical Redux)) part two) 1999-2010 /2013/2018"

210 x 297 mm

Edition of 5 + AP, Pegasus Print [2018]

Previously having performed as a lead guitarist in über-hip rock bands as well as practicing as a visual artist, Masato Takasaka thinks about his studio practice in musical terms, describing his aesthetic as an iPod Shuffle on endless repeat: playing the greatest hits of 20th century avant-garde art, with references to constructivism, dada, pop and minimalism alongside the back catalogue of his own greatest hits.

Primarily working with found objects and materials to construct his gallery based installations, art and design history collide in Takasaka’s mini-cities. Described as “techno-contemporary”, the exuberant chaos of his sculptural practice involves a process of working and re-working everyday materials in inventive ways to make something new. Bent, crumpled and endlessly interacting surfaces of Takasaka’s work explore limitless formal possibilities and combinations.