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Chelsea Arnott

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'Ya Coulda Been the Luv of Me Life'

Chelsea Arnott, 2018
Edition of 50 signed & numbered
Giclee print on cotton rag paper
21cm x 30cm

This is the title work from Chelsea's 2018 solo show 'Ya Coulda Been the Luv of Me Life'. 

"It’s talking to my long term relationship – when I really truly thought I had found the love (spelt properly because I wasn’t joking with that one) of my life. It’s talking to the one where I could feel all those clichés – yanno the stars aligning.. my heart opening up again.. all that good stuff. But the timing just wasn’t right in the end.

It’s talking to the ones where it seemed like it had to be a sure thing – they seemed great, they thought I seemed great. And then we are sitting across from each other at the pub and it’s just like nah.

And then it’s talking to the ones that sorta just live in your brain. Like there isn’t a foreseeable future where you and me would work. But it’s really nice thinking about the alternate reality in which we do."

Chelsea Arnott