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TWOFF by Zoe Bastin

Artists Need Angels

After university, artists create amazing artwork in the hope they will sell one day in the distant future. This unpaid struggle goes on for years and got even worse with the pandemic.

Artbox changes this paradigm.

Upcoming commission by Artist Zoe Bastin

We commission the best artists in the country – the Rising Star Artists

Next month's artist Zoe Bastin is fascinated by the porousness of the body and how culture inscribes ideas of gender and sexuality onto our physical form.

Her soon to be released artwork is only available to Artbox Art Club members.

We give artists a guaranteed budget. This security takes the financial risk out of making art.
We commission the artwork before our artists start any work. We also support artists with guaranteed sales, promotion and a community of Art Angels.

Ted McKinlay, Untitled, Ed 65

'I can eat glass' by Belle Bassin

Artbox gives Artists certainty, hope, and creative freedom

What’s in it for the
Art Lover?

Art is a spiritual, cultural, emotional, and also a financial investment.

Honour Bradbeer, You And Me, Ed 65

Alex & Joel unbox Janine McGuiness's upcoming Artbox commission

Alex Gibson co-founded Artbox and has a Masters of Fine Art degree from the Victorian College of the Arts (2008).

Joel Gailer is the Head Curator at Artbox and has a PhD in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2012).

Browse our Vault for the quality of past works

Most of them are sold out. Once a month, Artbox releases a limited edition artwork that no one has seen before.

Tatjana Este, Impressions Of Eris – Composition 0

Subscribers of Artbox, we call them Art Angels, receive their surprise package once a month. Art Angel subscriptions create the budget of the following month’s artwork and make them fundamental supporters of the artist.

For removing the financial risk to the artist, Artbox can offer subscriptions for below wholesale market prices. The same artwork (if there are any left), sell at art fairs for five times and ten times the price. It’s also a great way to collect art that appreciates in financial value.

Stelarc Commission being hand printed in 2020

We are so confident of the quality of the work, that Artbox offer a 30-day money back guarantee to any new subscriber. And these are just a few of the perks Art Angels receive.

Help fix the broken contemporary art market

Elly Chatfield, Deer Skull

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Art Club

1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A4

$40 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed by the artist
Limited edition
Size: approx. A2

$147 per month


1 Artwork per month
Signed & NFT
Size: approx. A4 to A1

$400 per month