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Art is very personal, which makes it a wonderful gift for someone close to you. It’s a thoughtful and creative way to give someone a meaningful gift that will last a lifetime.  It’s also something that is unique, which makes it a great gift option for those people that have everything.



An art club subscription is a great gift for someone who’s interested in art. It’s an excellent way to discover local artists and build a collection. All of the artworks are commissioned by Artbox for our collectors, and each comes with a letter directly from the artist.

We pay artists to create new works each month, so by purchasing a subscription you are also helping to support local artists. There are subscription options available for any budget and we will ship for free directly to your gift recipient so they can keep getting gifts all year round! The artworks are also available in several sizes from 20x30cm to 2x3m to suit every home.

If you’d prefer to choose an individual artwork we have a range of limited edition works from our past commissioned artists available from our online stockroom. 


Artbox commissions artists to make limited edition artworks each month, delivered by tracked parcel post to your door. We are committed to making art collecting viable for people on any budget. By collecting together we can support artists by commissioning new works, allowing our collectors grow a deep, diverse, and meaningful art collection. Founder Alex Gibson has a Masters in Fine Arts and curator Joel Gailer has a Doctorate of Philosophy and they use their extensive networks to curate and commission talented established and emerging artists. The limited edition works are all of archival quality, and each work is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Find out more about our subscription options here