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Justine Barlow



The following is the letter written by Justine which accompanied the artworks sent to our members as part of her commission for the Art Club.

Some copies of the work may still be available in our online stock room, however at full price! Join the club now to receive monthly commissions at our members flat rate.

'“My Box” is a series of images using the media of watercolour paint, ink and old school stamps. I explored the challenges of coming up with 60 original paintings in 30 days within the confinement of a box stamp.

I attempted to create a new species of plants (box plants), each to be finely detailed with ink and watercolour wash.  The challenge was an expression of what it is to be a female artist within the constriction of being a mother. The works are a representation of the female anatomy, the pressures of fertility, creation, and the restrictions and joy that come with being a parent.'

Justine Barlow for the Artbox Art Club, August 2016.