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Daniel Sibley

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Dan Sibley, Anywhere but Now
Various titles, 50 instant Vestax photographs, individually geolocalised on verso
86mm x 108mm, 2015.


Anywhere but Now

'This work is part of an ongoing body that looks at the document within the photographic framework.

The images are largely an aesthetic response to my environment, however there is a humorous play with semantics as the images are composed, considered and cataloged to imply further interpretation.

I have chosen instant film to represent these ideas. The quality of this particular medium is that it forms a unique and complete document at the moment of capture. It is this characteristic that lends itself to the idea of the document as a primary hard-copy or “original”, however, it is this same quality that also demonstrates the fragile state of this notion.

The fragility is in the medium, each image is a unique original. The photographs are chemical based and subject to colour shifts and fading if exposed over time. (images can be stored for archival purposes) The latitude and longitude coordinates inscribed on the back of each photograph maintain the documents relevance as this becomes the reference point to the ever changing and fading scene.'

Dan Sibley, 2015.




The 50 original photographs included in this commission can be found on PHOTODUST, a not-for-profit Asia-Pacific curation project focused on the photographic practice.

You can find more of Dan's past prints and paintings here, check his past project Anything, Everything & Nothing, and follow his ongoing photography project Anywhere but Now which this commission was part of.

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