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Making Artbox Pozible

On 16th May 2013 Artbox crowd funded $15,921 on Our pledgers were artists, galleries and art lovers from all over the world. It was an amazing day, the day we knew we were going to develop the first video art player and create the tool we need as artists, curators and art lovers.

It was not easy crowd funding and this blog is going to be my best attempt at describing what we did and why we did it. First I need to give a nod to this blog, which provided much needed information. Also I want to share these pages on the Pozible website, which have great information about what you need. But most of all I want to commend Tom Dawkins for a talk he gave at FWD2012, a digital campaigners conference I attended last year. There Dawkings talked about the four reasons people give money to crowd funding projects:

1. Love (friends and family)
2. Shared Vision (people who want a world that you want)
3. Shopping (buying a product or service)
4. Investment (giving with the expectation of some return)

Of course there is some cross over with these, and that’s the point. Communications in the crowd funding world should be all about bringing these things together. Really, if you are doing a crowd funding campaign, then you need to think about how those four things are being addressed in your communications.

So we made a video, wrote copy, photographed our protoype, limited our promises to ones we could keep and sweated over the cost of rewards and the time it will take to deliver them. Five weeks later we are buying a 3D printer, 40 Raspberry Pi’s and figuring out the function, form and special sauce of the Artbox Video Art Player! Now I have quit my fulltime job at a nonprofit and am working without pay delivering our rewards and finishing Artbox. That is how we got to this point, and how we are making Artbox Pozible. I believe in this project, I hope you do too. It’s all going to be worth it.