Artbox Collective

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Hello! Welcome to the Artbox Collective.

Amazingly, Artbox was selected for the Sydney Art Fair last year. This has led to Artsy - the premier online art market -  has mistaken Artbox for a top Australian art gallery!

This is a major opportunity. We are using this window of opportunity to 'hack' the top tier art market. We are going to 'install' our work in the same market place as Gagosian NY, Tolarno and Neon Parc, as well as every other major gallery in the whole world.

However, we can't do it alone, it costs $8000 per year.

We can do it collectively. If we all chip in $50 per month each artist can list as many artworks as they like with 100% of each sale going directly to you.

We think this is the next step in generating income for artists in this new, strange world. Looking forward to having you on board.

Checkout If you want your artwork for sale on this NY based art market, sign up to the Artbox Collective on this page and we will set you up with our account to upload your artworks.