We’re excited to announce that our December artist will be Brigit Ryan!


Brigit Ryan 1
Installation view, Brigit Ryan, VCA Masters of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition, 2018

“I’ve long accepted that I love beautiful things – and everyone else around me seems to as well – but we all seem to think it’s an unintelligent thing, that it’s not something we should own up to, that we’re attracted to beauty.”                                                                                                                                                                - Brigit Ryan for Primer Magazine, 2014

'Banana Lounge', Bus Projects, 2014

Brigit Ryan is a Melbourne-based artist and designer. Her practice centres on a critical investigation of the roles of cultural history, materiality and labour in artistic practice and reception. Her work pushes initial responses and expectations of common objects, with a sensitivity to material function, cultural loading and perceived value. She is interested in uncovering the inherent attractions and idiosyncrasies in her subjects. Her process is developed through a combination of research, humour and an intuitive drawing out of the sculptural form.

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