Artbox Prime & Pro Quick Start Guide

Step One: Unboxing

Use the above diagram to see all the parts of your Artbox and how they fit together.

Step Two: Boot and Loop
Plug-in everything except the USB Power Lead. Make sure your screen/ projector is set to source HDMI input and then give your Artbox power. Your Artbox will boot and begin to loop The Artbox default behaviour is to just boot and infinitely loop any optimised MP4 in the root folder of the USB drive. This is a handy way to show Video Art without any additional configuration. Try this first, and you will see the Artbox Video Art Compilation #1playing.

Step Three: Networked Interface
Set up a Local Area Network, attach an Ethernet Lead (not included) from your router to the Artbox and then boot your Artbox. As it boots the Artbox will display the Ethernet IP Address (something like ’′). Using your computer, connected to the same network via wireless, enter the IP Address into the Chrome Browser. You will get a security message, click “Proceed”. You can login using the default username “pi” and password “raspberry” – please change these once you have logged in using the ‘config’ menu in the ‘console’. Now you can play with the Network Settings to Browse Media, set Playlists, Schedules and play with the other settings. Once you have ‘Published’ your settings the Artbox will remember them even after you have powered off.

Step Four: Shutdown your Artbox
To prevent USB and SD Card corruption, please use the functions provided in the Network Interface to ‘Power off’. Or, if you do not have a Network Interface, you can use a USB keyboard to shutdown the Artbox by using the ‘Magic SysRq Key’. Hold down Right Ctrl + Sys Rq and then press the sequence: R,E,I,S,U,O. For more info on this:

Step Five: Optimise Your Files
The optimum video file is a 1080p HD MP4 encoded with H.264 compression using a bitrate of around 10mb/s. This file will play on all modern computers and is a standard in video compression and encoding. To create files optimised for Artbox, use Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro and render your files using the above details. Note that file formats other than MP4 will not work on the current version of Artbox.