Video Arte Italia at Nite Art

Michael Meneghetti

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Video Art Italia is a curatorial collaboration between Lino Strangis (Rome) Veronica D’Auria (Rome) Francesca Valdinoci (Rome/Melbourne) and Michael Meneghetti (Melbourne) as a starting point to showcase contemporary Italian video art in public spaces across Melbourne through the Artbox/Excerpt ( network.

This first exhibition explores some of the challenges the new Italy is now facing: financial recession; corrupt politicians; environmental crises; gender inequality, and; a burden of tradition.

The launch features predominantly artists from Rome-based collective C.A.R.M.A. (Centre for Arts and Applied Multimedia Research) whose works reflect the positive aspects of a crisis: an opportunity for transformation.

Lino Strangis (co-curator and director of CARMA) stated: “…even with great difficulty, in our country there are people who are actually contributing to the development of some of the most interesting fields of research currently available on the international scene…”

Video Art Italia is only the beginning of an ongoing project that will hopefully create an exchange of new ideas across cultures and artistic practices, based on the mutual bond and ongoing affinity between Italian and Australian cultures in the name of a contemporary art that is open, public and socially engaged.

Video Art Italia launches alongside the annual nocturnal festival Nite Art ( on Wednesday July 23 showing at key sites Federation Square’s Big Screen, Loop Bar and Ferdyduke from 9.30pm until late.

See the exhibition online at on July 31.

Alessandro Amaducci,
Piero Chiariello
Elisabetta Di Sopra
Igor Imhoff
Guglielmo Emmolo
Francesca Fini
Maria Korporal
Salvatore Insana
Arash Radpour
Lino Strangis
Francesca Lolli
Francesco Minucci

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