Video Art Preset for Adobe Media Encoder

The Artbox Video Art Preset makes rendering video for your Artbox Video Art Player easy. Basically this process is all about excluding all metadata from your h264 mp4. This ensures that the files loops and plays using the systems hardware acceleration. Feel free to modify this process for PAL and NTSC framterates, etc.

1. Download Adobe Media Encoder CC

2. Download the Artbox Preset

3. Import the Artbox Preset in the Adobe Media Encoder CC (Adobe Media Encoder CC > Preset > Import). Select the downloaded “Artbox HD 1080p 29.97.epr” file and click “OK”. (see image above)

4. Once it is imported, drag and drop your video into the encoder and then drag the Artbox Preset onto your video. Note you should change the Frames Per Second (fps) to match your source (we default to 29.97fps, but this can be 24, 25, etc, too). Also you can select whatever pixel size (1080p, 720p, etc), aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, etc) and format (NTSC, PAL, etc) as you wish. Feel free to customise the present and save it how you wish (ie: “Artbox_1080p_24fps_16by9_PAL.epr”)

5. Once your video is in the queue with the preset ready, there is one final step. Exclude all Metadata. Click the Preset link in the queue. A dialogue box will popup. On the bottom right, click the ‘Metadata” button. This will popup another dialogue box. Select “Exclude All” and click “OK” on both dialogue boxes.


6. You can now start the render. Don’t forget to save the file without any spaces in the filename. When it’s done it will work amazingly on your Artbox. Enjoy!