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Web Control Your Artbox

Alex Gibson

After many months of development, Denjell our amazing programmer in Germany has completed the final release software. The feature set is impressive and as a bonus we are going to give Denjell 10% of sales for the first 100+ Artboxes. He has done an incredible job, thank you Denjell. Check out the preview:

Here is the version history – with a taste of what is to come:

# Captain Robot #

Version 0.7 Roadmap
* Weekly & Special Schedule
* Multiple Playlists
* Writing to USB
* Overclocking & other System settings
* OMX Player Settings
* Enable Stop:Loops / Stop:Length
* Edit existing playlist
* add playing.lock to modify pause/play button
* add .js to php parsing?

Version 0.6
* Introduction of Dead Simple Programming (DSP) system
* Documentation
* Schedule
– Daily
– Range
* Schedule end-time cannot be earlier than the start-time
* Schedule files create crontabs on startup
* Network settings (Switch between DHCP Client & DHCP Router)
* Superuser access to all shell commands available
– ON
* Composite PAL, NTSC
* Only one playlist at a time.

# Ninja Santa #

Version 0.5
* Keep the raspberry symbol on startup and show init version, then black screen.
* Forced SSL / HTTPS (with self-signed SSL Certificate)
* Dedicated Server running at
* Allow syncing the Artbox to the timestamp of the Browser
* User initiated Password modification in the browser
* If no playlist found, generate one from USB
* If only one file in playlist, add special -L tag to omxplayer
* Add temperature, current playlist and current file to Console display
* FIFO interaction with the playlist
* Buttons for +/- the volume of the current clip
* Skip forward / backward in playlist
* Pause / Play Video
* Schedule a start time and either an end time,
a length of time or a number of loops
* Infinite Loop works as expected
* Schedule scaffolding for:
0) Infinite Loop
1) Daily
2) Multiday
3) Special
4) Weekly

Version 0.4
* API refactoring
* Modularization of Actions
* added emergency *.commando for USB reset of password
* Began adding header comments to files
* Automatic password (re)generation on Startup
* Automatic ssh-key (re)generation on Startup
* IP Address Display on Startup if connected to network
* Added Startup Sound
* Began writing manual
* Feedback for pseudobash commands
* Blacklist and Shortlist for BASH commands
* End all playback (Purge)
* Restart / Shutdown from the browser

Version 0.3
* Pseudo Bash Interface
* exiftool Integration
* full build toolchain
* network tools including netcat and openssh
* integrated git, subversion for package building
* imagemagick, gstreamer 1.0, mplayer inbuilt
* extensive integration of lockfiles for version etc.

Version 0.2
* Web Interface
* Playlist generator
* Scheduler
* Media Preview
– Preview loop
– Play
– Fullscreen
– Print dossier
– View metadata
* Media Browser
– Home folder

# Sgt. Dead Simple #

Version 0.1
* Autoplay from USB
* Splash Screen
* Automount USB
* omxplayer
– autostart
– hide command output
– autoloop one or all found files



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